Gross Gore indefinitely banned on Twitch for “adult sexual exploitation”

gross gore permanently banned twitchGross Gore Twitter / Twitch

Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen has been permanently banned by Twitch for “adult sexual exploitation,” but the streamer believes the company made a mistake and is looking to reverse the suspension.

On March 18, Twitch banned his channel from their streaming platform. The star’s partner status has also been revoked – a typical sign that means the company plans to permanently oust a creator from their services.

“After reviewing multiple incidents of serious violations of Twitch’s Terms of Service… related to your Twitch account ‘grossie_gore’, we are terminating the Agreement effective as of 3/18/2021 and indefinitely suspending your account effective immediately,” read Twitch’s message to Gross Gore.

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Immediately following the ban, Larsen made a video reacting to the decision, calling it a “mistake” and is hoping his plea will be “heard by the right people.”

Gross Gore revealed Twitch’s email on his ban in the same video outlining exactly why the company moved to shut down his channel.

The streamer believes that Twitch must be basing the decision on his 2015 episode with Celestia Vega in which he describes as simply “showing her mom her Instagram account on a USB. Celestia was 18 at the time, going on 19.”

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This comes on the heels of even more allegations against Gross Gore popping up in light of a post on the RoastMe subreddit that resulted in many people coming forward with their stories again.

Shortly after the ban hit, Gross Gore reacted to the situation. He was “heartbroken” to hear that “drama brought up from 2015” managed to get him banned.

gross gore ban TwitchGross Gore Twitter
Twitch’s message to Gross Gore.

“I just got banned on Twitch from the drama brought up from 2015?” he said. “I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to say or do. I’m heartbroken.”

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Gross Gore has been banned in 2016, 2018, and in 2021. The first had to do with harassment allegations, and his second incident warranted a 30-day suspension on his account for mounting accusations of sexual harassment and physical assault from several parties.

The streamer will now try to see if he can undo the ban, but has revealed he plans to take his livestreams to YouTube for the time being.

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