Misfits launches new Twitch shows for Hikaru, Ranboo & more in $20M creator project

Misfits Creator Fund 20M new shows from Hikaru, Ranboo and moreMisfits Gaming Group

Misfits Gaming Group has just announced a $20 million dollar Creator Fund aimed at helping creators and influencers innovate new projects. And, Misfits creators Hikaru, Ranboo, and Aimsey are among the first to make use of it.

Over the last few years, more and more Twitch streamers and YouTube creators have shifted to host elaborate and innovative events.

Events like Shitcamp and The Streamer Awards from QTCinderella are prime examples of Twitch streamers going above and beyond with content.

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Misfits Gaming Group has launched a $20M funds set to help creators inside and outside of the organization with new projects and announced some of the first events stemming from it.

ranboo tubbo misfits gamingMisfits Gaming
Minecrafters Tubbo and Ranboo joined Misfits Gaming Group earlier this year.

Misfits launches $20M creator fund

Announced on November 3, 2022, the Misfits Creator Fund is aimed at providing influencers with the resources and infrastructure to easily create projects that are innovative, creative, and more importantly: sustainable.

The fund will be open to all creators — not just those within Misfits — and can be used on anything from large-scale ideas like TV and streaming shows, events, conventions, and merch lines, as well as tech and business ideas like hardware and software products.

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Ben Spoont, co-founder and CEO of Misfits Gaming Group said: “The Misfits Creator Fund is designed to be a true partnership with creator talent, helping to support and shoulder many of the headaches involved with launching large-scale projects so they, in turn, have the full headspace to concoct and create ambitious and exciting new ideas,”

Depending on the project, Misfit is prepared to provide creators access to all of their resources.

Misfit announces new shows from Hikaru, Ranboo, and Aimsey

Alongside the launch of the 20 million dollar creator fund, Misfit has revealed a series of new shows from some of its most popular creators.

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Chess Grandmaster and Twitch streamer Hikaru Nakamura will begin his very own chess-themed show which will be broadcasted to his 1.5M follower.

Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer Ranboo will be bringing a show and event series to his millions of followers.

Welsh Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and TikToker Aimsey are also on the list of creators, getting their own podcast thanks to the fund.

Across each of the creators listed are millions of followers, who are all excited to check out what they have up their sleeve thanks to the Misfits Creator Fund.

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