Minecraft star explains why YouTube’s monetization system is “garbage”

Sips, Twitch / TSMC

Minecraft star Chris ‘Sips’ Lovasz has taken aim at YouTube and its monetization system, after the video-sharing platform flagged his compilation clip nearly immediately after it was uploaded.

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Sips has a long and illustrious history creating Minecraft content, rising to fame after joining the Yogscast content team in 2009, producing videos based around the Microsoft-owned game, and regularly streaming his adventures in the block-based game.

Lovasz first began using YouTube to host his content in December 2011, sharing Let’s Play videos and walkthroughs. Since then he’s made the swap to streaming on Twitch, where he now has nearly 370,000 followers, and it’s safe to say he’s not looking back.

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MicrosoftSips bases most of his streaming and videos around Minecraft.
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The Minecraft aficionado rolled out a damning indictment of YouTube and its monetization policies on his October 3 stream, dubbing the long-standing platform “garbage,” and calling the admins behind the site “idiots.”

“It’s time for a bit of real talk,” he said. “We published a clip compilation to YouTube the other day, we put it on there to get some content back on our YouTube channel so that it doesn’t just die, even though it’s been dormant for nearly two years.

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“Already — already! — that compilation has been flagged for limited monetization.”

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The streamer, who first plied his trade on YouTube when he was initially starting out with the Yogscast team, didn’t hold back as he revealed his exact thoughts on the direction the video-sharing platform has gone in regards to supporting content creators.

“Fucking YouTube is such a garbage platform, it is just fucking stupid, and it’s run by idiots. So where is the motivation to keep making more content for a platform that just punishes you, you know what I mean? What have I got to do? It’s so fucking stupid,” he said.

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Sips, YouTubeSips has been creating videos for Minecraft for more than a decade.
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Despite the angry outburst, Sips admitted that he had forgotten some of the 1.85 million viewers that had helped grow his content on his channel, and revealed that he would put aside his simmering hatred for the platform to create some YouTube-only videos.

In a renewed commitment to previous YouTube audiences, and for people that can’t catch the streams or feel left out of the loop, I’m going to record some stuff specifically for YouTube but it will be around the stuff we’re doing on-stream,” Lovasz said.

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One moment that Sips caught on his stream that YouTube audiences might have loved to see straight away was an unlucky incident during his 168-hour hardcore playthrough.

After grinding out a small kingdom in the one-life world, the streamer fell foul of a hilarious and unfortunate accident that killed his character and deleted his progress, reminding viewers that Mojang’s cartoon-styled adventure game is not always for the faint of heart.

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