Mike Majlak apologizes for walking off Jeff FM set after podcast outburst

Mike Majlak apologizes after outburstYouTube: Jeff FM

YouTuber Mike Majlak apologized to Jeff Wittek and his team after walking off the set of the Jeff FM podcast following an outburst of anger.

Mike Majlak is no stranger to sharing his stories on the internet. The influencer regularly shares how he dealt with overcoming his addiction to drugs among other various life stories.

He’s well known as the co-host of Impaulsive alongside Logan Paul and George Janko and also appears on Jeff FM alongside Jeff Wittek and his team.

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During a recent episode, Mike stormed off the set following an outburst of anger but quickly returned to the podcast with an apology.

Mike Majlak apologizes to Jeff FM crew after outburst

During the episode, Mike wanted to tell a story by explaining the events throughout an entire day when Jeff Wittek said that they didn’t have time to do so.

Seconds later, Mike began going off about how all of the podcasts he’s on has a focus on content that can be made into short-form videos instead of allowing him to tell stories.

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After he finished talking, Majlak stormed off the set.

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(Topic starts at 38:54 in video)

After an ad read, Mike returned to the podcast and apologized to Wittek and the crew.

“I’m sorry about my outburst, and more than anything. You didn’t deserve that; you didn’t deserve that. Bathroom boys didn’t deserve that, and more than anything, the audience didn’t deserve that,” he said.

“This is one of the greatest audiences on the internet, on YouTube. Smart, creative. I’m going through a lot of stuff right now, and I haven’t been well lately.”

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The friends quickly reconciled and continued on with the rest of the podcast without any issues.