Miami corrections officials say Nikita Dragun wasn’t held in men’s jail after arrest

Virginia Glaze
Corrections facility denies claims nikita dragun was held in mens unit

Officials at the Miami-Dade corrections facility have denied claims that transgender influencer Nikita Dragun was held in a men’s unit after reports sparked backlash online.

Transgender YouTube star and model Nikita Dragun was reportedly arrested on the weekend of November 5 after appearing nude at the Goodtime Hotel pool in Miami, Florida.

Dragun was charged with felony battery on a police officer, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and misdemeanor battery after allegedly throwing water on an officer and security guards before being detained on a $5,000 bond.

At the time of writing, Dragun has been released from jail — but reports state that the influencer was referred to by he/him pronouns in a police report and was allegedly placed in a men’s ward, according to a recorded conversation between Dragun and Judge Mindy Glazer during her hearing.

In the conversation, Nikita asked Judge Glazer if she “has to stay here in the men’s unit still.” Judge Glazer replied that she “doesn’t make the rules” at the facility but encouraged Dragun to ask a bondsman for separate accommodations.

However, the Miami-Dade Corrections facility is denying any claims of placing Dragun in a men’s unit as per reports from NBC 6 South Florida.

Nikita Dragun was not held in men’s unit, says Miami-Dade corrections facility

“Inmate Dragun never made it beyond the booking process prior to release; therefore, she was never placed in a men’s unit,” spokesperson Juan Diasgranados stated. “All inmates undergoing our intake process remain in an open seating area, in the presence of correctional staff.”

Diasgranados also claimed that Dragun was placed in a separate holding cell due to her “high profile status” as an influencer on top of purportedly being escorted by an LGBTQ officer during her stay.

Thus far, Dragun has not released a statement speaking on her arrest, which has sparked a debate online regarding her purported treatment at the Miami-Dade correctional center.

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