Jaclyn Hill responds to outrage over new Morphe palette formula

Virginia Glaze

Popular YouTuber and makeup mogul Jaclyn Hill has responded to mass backlash from fans, who took to social media to voice their complaints regarding hidden changes to her Morphe eyeshadow palette.

After initially revealing her collaboration with the massive makeup brand in 2017, Hill unveiled a “Volume 2” edition of the product in February 2020.

Hill claimed that the makeup palette boasted the “exact same formula” as her previous Morphe eyeshadows — but one YouTube beauty reviewer found a major discrepancy in the star’s statement.

YouTuber ‘Jen Luvs Reviews’ discovered that the formula for Hill’s first Morphe palette had been changed from its 2017 edition, which now contains coconut oil and shea butter — as well as carmine, a red dye made from beetles, causing her palette to lose its vegan status.

The same goes for her newer eyeshadow release, leaving fans across the net frustrated that the palette contains animal products.

“It is NOT okay to turn a vegan friendly product not-vegan friendly without disclosing it,” one critic Tweeted. “There’s ZERO need for animal brands to use animal bi-products or test on animals. Testing or using beings that have zero ability consent is absolutely wrong.”

Morphe themselves have since responded to the outrage, admitting that they changed the formula while explaining that their updates were out of Hill’s control.

Jaclyn likewise reacted to the matter, clarifying that she was aware her formula would be changed but was not informed about specific ingredients being added to the carefully-crafted mix of products, and expressed sympathy for vegans unable to use the palette.


However, fans are still upset regarding the change, with Jen Luvs Reviews asking the makeup mogul why she’d apparently lied about changes to the formula in her video about her “Volume 2” palette.

Thus far, Hill has yet to reply to her queries — but this isn’t the first time she’s faced backlash, after experiencing similar outrage in 2019 when her lipsticks were discovered to contain hair, bumps, and other massive texture issues.

While she made a massive comeback after the drama and even admittedto self-medicating her anxiety with alcohol, it seems that the makeup star has found herself at the center of another massive controversy, once again.

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