McDonalds TikToker splits users with ‘hectic’ job roles debate

Sam Comrie
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A McDonalds’ employee has lit the fuse on a fiery TikTok debate, as the TikToker ranks each McDonalds job role.

TikTok users are always diving into the world of fast food. Be it the revelations of secret menus or strange adventures, eventually, all roads lead back to places like the golden arches of McDonalds.

TikToker @mcdonalds_hacks101 is out there on the fast food frontlines, exploring each and every job role that an average McDonalds employee may experience on a usual shift.

However, as he rates each role out of 10, TikTok users are engaging in a curious debate to determine just how accurate the TikToker is.

McDonalds TikToker rates each job role amid TikTok debate

If you’re looking to unearth the secrets of McDonalds, TikToker @mcdonalds_hacks101 has got you covered. Going viral with his ratings of each McDonalds job role in his location, the TikToker began at a widely disputed area: “Starting off with fry station, I absolutely hate this piece of sh*t. It is a 0 out of 10 for me.”

For many McDonalds employees learning the ropes, jumping on the burger grill or fry station is a rite of passage, with many TikToker commenters pitching their thoughts. One user, @miguelsantos835 claimed “I love fry station, I’m a monster at fry station, we never run out of fries when I’m at fry station.”

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The McDonalds TikToker stated that after the fry station, working “up front” is a “6 out of 10”, while “presenting” is a “7 out of 10.”

“Next we have running. Now running…running can be fun, but when it gets hectic in here you just want to leave,” continued the TikToker. The role of running was swiftly awarded a “7 out of 10.”

Lastly, @mcdonaldshacks_101 rated his own position, simply dubbed “pit” as a full-blown “10 out of 10.” However, the top-tier rating hasn’t sat well with some TikToker commenters. One user said that “bro pit is a punishment.”

Others have countered, with another adding: “I love cooking in kitchen, feels like a game to me but then I’m kinda bored when I finish refilling all the trays with food.”

Whatever job role a McDonalds employee may be doing though, we thank them for their fast food service.

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