9 of the tastiest McDonald’s “secret menu” items from TikTok

TikTok/Unsplash: Alex Motoc

For years, rumors have swirled about fast food and coffee outlets having an exclusive, “secret” menu where you can only get certain special off-menu items if you know what to ask for. Now, as foodies continue to flock to TikTok, users have uncovered secret menu items in outlets such as Starbucks and McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is known for having a pretty iconic menu, including staples like Happy Meals, Big Macs and McFlurrys (that is, on the rare occasion where ice cream machines actually work).

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But, did you know that the restaurant had a range of secret menu items including milk tea, Monster Macs and even Ronald McDonald cake? TikTokers have shared a vast range of tasty treats that you can add to jazz up your usual drive-thru order, and here we’ve shared nine of the best ones!

1. Snickers Coffee

If you’ve ever wanted an iced coffee that tastes exactly like Snickers, you’ve come to the right place! Start off by ordering an iced hazlenut coffee. Then, if you are ordering on the screen, press ‘customize ingredients’ and add the following: two servings of caramel drizzle, one pump of chocolate syrup, one pump of chocolate caramel syrup and a topping of whipped cream. If you are speaking to someone to order, be sure to ask for the aforementioned additions to your iced hazlenut coffee.

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2. Espresso Milkshake

This one isn’t so much of a secret order than it is a DIY job, but it’s so delicious and easy it seemed a waste to not include it! All you need to do is order a vanilla milkshake, a shot of espresso, pour the espresso in the milkshake and voila!

3. McDonald’s Cake

There have been a lot of rumors about whether the McDonald’s cake actually exists, but user ‘bxiebxrbie’ seemed to settle the score once and for all by ordering one for herself!

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The cake is usually reserved for employees and other special occasions, but depending on what store you visit, you can purchase a whole chocolate sheet cake with vanilla frosting and Ronald McDonald in the center for only $9. You might be out of luck depending on which store you visit, but with enough persistence and maybe a talk with the manager, you never know!

4. Ice cream topped with chilli sauce

You might be a bit sceptical about whether a McFlurry topped with chilli oil is a recipe for disaster, but after the trend went viral in China, Australian Buzzfeed producer Ryan Paturzo took it to TikTok in a viral video, whereupon trying the trend for himself revealed that it “creates a salty and sweet creamy flavour with a crunchy texture.” Sounds irresistible!

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5. Milk tea

Milk tea – or boba tea – has surged in popularity in recent years. While McDonald’s is yet to make their own version of the iconic drink, you can make your version on the menu for just $1. All you need to ask for is a half cut sweet tea with a pump of hazlenut and three creamers.

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6. Mango, pineapple, and strawberry-banana smoothie

Although this exact smoothie isn’t on the menu, all you need to do is ask for a mango, pineapple and strawberry-banana smoothie mixed and then you will get the rainbow smoothie you’ve been dreaming of.

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7. Neapolitan ice cream shake

To get this secret McDonald’s menu item, all you need to do is ask for chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream mixed together!


8. The McBrunch burger

If you get to McDonald’s right after breakfast finishes – usually just after 10:30 – there is still a chance you can fulfill that breakfast craving! A viral TikTok by ‘theglasssniper’ shows him ordering a burger known as the Mc10:35, more commonly known as the McBrunch burger. This item, if you haven’t guessed, is a combination of the two menus.

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While the order is meant to be a double cheeseburger with a hashbrown and egg, ‘theglasssniper’ found that his egg was replaced with sausage, another popular McDonald’s breakfast item.

9. Monster Mac

The $11 Monster Mac stands at eight patties tall, and is so big, it can’t even fit inside the Big Mac pouch. Next to it, the Big Mac Grande and Supersize Me options of yesterday look like a Happy Meal.

McDonald’s is one of those places that you can never get bored of, no matter how often you go there. And now, with these secret menu items, there is a whole host of weird and wonderful things you can try to make your next visit somewhere special! Who knows? You might even find your new favourite order.

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