Matan Even is running amok in the UK, appearing at KSI’s Misfits boxing press conference

Jeremy Gan
Matan Even at Misfits boxing event

Matan Even seems to be running amok in the UK now as he just made an appearance at KSI’s Misfits 007 boxing press conference. 

Do you know who Matan Even is? Even if you don’t know his name, chances are you are very familiar either with his antics, or his face, as it seems he is everywhere lately. 

Matan Even first appeared in the spotlight in the 2022 Game Awards ceremony when he stormed the stage right after Elden Ring’s acceptance of Game of the Year. From there, we’ve seen him stream snipe the likes of xQc, Kai Cenat, and most recently, Hasan.

And now, the 15-year-old is now running amok in the UK, as he has made an appearance in the Misfits 007 boxing event press conference ahead of KSI vs Joe Fournier. 

His latest appearance was first noted by Ryan Ventura, a ring announcer for Misfits, in a tweet. Apparently, according to Ventura, Even “randomly showed up and [sat] at the chair” pictured. Matan is obviously not billed as a fighter for the event. 

And a fighter, Corn, was also quite surprised by Matan’s appearance in the conference. As he sat next to him, and tweeted asking how Matan was even there in the first place. 

It seems Matan sat through most of the Prelim press conference on the far left of the table. He appeared on the live stream without saying a single word, with many in the chat pointing out his appearance. 

However, it seems he was removed roughly two-thirds of the way through, as he suddenly disappeared later on.

It is unsure if his appearance was planned or not. But if history is repeating itself, there’s a chance he just sat down at the tables without anyone noticing, deciding to appear at one of the year’s biggest influencer boxing events.

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