Markiplier reveals hilarious reason he won’t get into influencer boxing

Sam Comrie
An image of Markiplier on the impaulsive podcast

YouTube superstar Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach revealed to Logan Paul why he won’t be getting involved in influencer boxing anytime soon.

While Logan Paul, KSI and even iDubbbz had have their bouts in the ring, YouTuber Markiplier has yet to don a pair of gloves.

As his peers in the world of content creation step into the arena, Markiplier has revealed to influencer-turned-boxing idol Logan Paul that he isn’t keen to kickstart his fighting career just yet.

Markiplier hails boxing as a “beautiful sport” to Logan Paul

Joining Logan Paul on the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Markiplier was asked by Logan “are you ever gonna box?”

Markiplier, who is yet to enter the world of influencer boxing, explained “no, here’s the thing, I don’t wanna get punched in the face.”

“I actually do follow boxing, I watch fight breakdowns, I’ve watched fights before. I like boxing, I respect boxing,” continued Markiplier.

The YouTube said that “I think boxing is a beautiful sport, but I don’t wanna get punched in the face.”

Though Logan has taken some beatings himself, the pair laughed off this decision as Paul understood his perspective.

In the meantime, Markiplier has been working with VFX house Corridor Digital as an intern, learning their craft and the inner workings of the film industry.

“I’m in their office, I’m their intern…I decided I wanna work with these guys…all those VFX videos are the ones that I love. That is inspiring,” Markiplier explained.

While Markiplier has already achieved a multitude of YouTube accolades, the creator said working with Corridor Digital is an “exchange” as he offers suggestions from his own experiences: “I’m giving input on my philosophy of creation…I’m able to contribute in ways if they want to be algorithmically successful.”

Despite Markiplier’s apprehension to get into the world of boxing, fans of the influencer scene can look forward to Paul’s collaborator KSI squaring up against Swarmz.