Markiplier promises to make an OnlyFans account if specific “conditions” are met

Markiplier OnlyFans header imageYouTube: Markiplier

Markiplier has said that he will make an OnlyFans account so long as his community meets the “conditions” outlined in his announcement video.

During a recent YouTube video, Markiplier revealed that he has the intention to start an OnlyFans account in order to help raise money for charity. The choice was made off the back of seeing how successful his nude calendar charity campaign was back in 2018.

During his October 17 YouTube video aptly titled “I will start an OnlyFans,” the content creator explained how his OnlyFans account would work if he does in fact go ahead. Mark begans the video by stating that – should the “conditions” he sets be met – his Onlyfans account will be charity focused. “All of the proceeds through OnlyFans will be donated to charity.”

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However, he reiterated to his audience that he “will only make an Onlyfans if you meet the following conditions.”

The first condition is that the Distractible podcast that he works on must hit number one on both the Apple podcast charts and on Spotify. Distractible features Mark who runs the podcast alongside his two co-hosts Wade Barnes and Bob Muyskens. Together, the three talk about everything from the gaming community to their day-to-day lives, and much more.

Mark added to this condition that they’ve “never been number one on Apple Podcast” but have been on Spotify for a “brief day.” The second condition is very similar in that it then requires fans to also listen in on his other podcast, Go! My Favorite Sports Team. This sports-centric podcast is run by Mark and Tyler Scheid, with the two talking about all things sports and athletes each week.

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Markiplier is yet to reveal the exact content and nature of the OnlyFans account or when he would be making it – assuming the prerequisites are met by his community and audience.