Man’s “life hack” for getting rid of wasps goes viral after it ends in disaster

Kawter Abed
Man trying to kill wasps using gasoline-in-a-up hack

A man went viral on TikTok with a ‘life hack’ for getting rid of wasps using gasoline in a cup – but it ended in a complete disaster.

The gasoline-in-a-cup wasp nest hack has been sweeping the video app, as the trick claims to help you kill throngs of the stabby critters using nothing but a container and some gasoline.

In a viral clip with 1.4 million views, lakenseegers recorded her partner, Casey, trying out the hack by placing a cup of gasoline over a wasp nest in the hopes of capturing the insects.

His first attempt was successful. Casey placed a plastic McDonald’s cup filled with gasoline over the nest, and the wasps quickly started falling inside the container. However, the trick went sideways when he made another attempt at killing the critters.

Wasp net hack goes wrong

Casey placed a cup over a second nest in a different part of the house. After setting it, he immediately started shifting around to properly secure the cup, but some wasps snuck out the top.

“Oh f**k!” he yelled, as the cup tumbled to the ground, releasing a handful of wasps, now flying around their yard. According to the caption of the video, Casey’s finger got stung by one of them.

In the comments, TikTok users were absolutely horrified over the epic fail. “The beginning had me thinking I could do this too. The ending made me realize I don’t want to,” one viewer wrote.

“The second one is exactly why I’ll never do this that or I’d end up missing it entirely,” another added. “That wasp knew exactly what to do with that second hive,” a third said.

“I love watching these! But the way I yelled OMG at the end,” another commented, to which the content creator replied, “Same!! The way I ran so fast inside.”

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