Man swallows hotdogs whole and leaves viewers shocked

TikToker Garrettm1994TikTok: Garrettm1994

A man on TikTok has gone viral after uploading a video showing that he can eat hotdogs and cheese sticks whole, leaving viewers shocked.

With over a billion monthly users worldwide, there’s no telling what might pop up on your TikTok FYP. Whether it be the latest trend, a viral story, or a creator’s random talent.

For TikToker Garrettm1994, he’s gone viral with several videos showing how he can swallow things like hotdogs and cheese sticks without taking a single bite.

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Viewers who’ve come across Garret’s videos are generally left in shock due to how easy it seems to be for him.

TikToker goes viral for swallowing whole hot dogs

In an upload on April 5, Garret replies to a comment asking him about how many hot dogs he can swallow whole. To answer the question, he went to the fridge to pull out a pack of hot dogs and began recording.

“I keep a pack of bun-length dogs on deck. Let’s get right into it, huh?” He said. “Nothing about this feels right,” he added after shoving one down his throat.

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It’s been viewed over a million times, with thousands of comments sharing their thoughts about his talent.

“Bro you’re stressing me out,” one user replied.

Another viewer commented: “I’m imagining him puking and them just shooting out one by one.”

“Nahhhh you could’ve gone with the regular-sized ones but you personally chose the bun-length ones,” said a third user.

Others asked what happens if he throws up after eating one, to which he replied: “[They come up] Completely whole. It’s atrocious.”

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Just a few days later, he did the same style of video but with string cheese.

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