What does ‘Blackbear Phase’ mean on TikTok?

TikTokers referencing Blackbear PhaseTIKTOK: calumhoodfanclub / drewtillis

Many TikTokers have made videos referencing a ‘Blackbear Phase,’ but what does this actually mean? Here’s everything you need to know.

TikTok is one of the biggest hubs of viral content, and like many other social media platforms, the app is also full of slang terms and unique phrases.

There have been a series of different inside references or expressions that have gone on to become trends on the platform, including the recent ‘Bunny, Cat, Deer, & Fox’ coded trend. However, if you’re not a frequent TikTok user, some of these could be confusing.

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Lately, a number of people on the app have made videos referencing something called a ‘Blackbear Phase,’ and it’s left many viewers baffled about the meaning. Here’s everything to know.

What is a ‘Blackbear Phase’ on TikTok?

A ‘Blackbear Phase’ is a phrase used by TikTok users to say they went through a period of time where they were obsessed with the singer-songwriter Blackbear.

The term originally appeared in 2021, when TikTokers discovered that a lot of people have gone through a similar phase where they loved his music for a few years.

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Many stopped listening to his music as they grew older, but have suddenly rediscovered his songs in 2023. Now that they’re going through the phase all over again, the phrase has re-emerged on the social media app.

Who is Blackbear?

Blackbear, whose real name is Matthew Tyler Musto, is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and music producer from Florida, United States.

The 32-year-old began his career back in 2006, and has since released six studio albums, his first being ‘Deadroses’ in 2015 and most recently ‘In Loving Memory’ in 2022.

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Blackbear has written many popular songs for some big artists too, including Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ and Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘My Ex’s Best Friend.’

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