Woman goes viral after using ChatGPT to quit her job

TikToker Sillyyerba using ChatGPT to quit her jobTikTok: SillyYerba

A woman on TikTok has gone viral after using ChatGPT to quit her job, using it to create an email explaining that she can’t be “sad and poor” for another month.

Over the last few months, an increasing number of people have begun using AI-powered products such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

AI fans worldwide have used it to write emails, plan out trips, and more.

TikToker sillyyerba, whose real name is Mari, recently went viral on the short-form video app revealing how she used ChatGPT to quit her job.

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TikToker has ChatGPT write resignation letter

In the video uploaded on April 25, 2023, Mari reveals that she had put in her two-week notice to her boss who then requested she work until June 8th — a whole month longer than Mari wants to work.

“So I’m going to have ChatGPT write an email response of me pretty much saying that I can’t be sad and poor for another month in a professional way,” she revealed.

Although Sillyyerba hoped ChatGPT would have reworded the point of her prompt, she was surprised to find out how blunt the popular AI chatbot really is.

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“As much as I value my time here, I cannot be sad and poor for another month,” ChatGPT said in its response.

The video quickly went viral, amassing over five million views and thousands of comments from viewers.

“ChatGPT: There’s literally no other way to say that sorry,” one user replied.

Another commenter replied: “Even ChatGPT is like, “I’m just gonna tell ‘em. I’ll put fluff around it. But I’m gonna be blunt. You indeed can’t be sad and poor another month.”

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It’s no surprise more and more viral stunts surrounding AI are beginning to crop up, considering major companies like Microsoft and Google are taking programs like ChatGPT more seriously than ever.

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