Machine Gun Kelly punches fan at concert because they asked

Alice Sjöberg
Machine Gun Kelly poses for an Instagram pic

Machine Gun Kelly fulfilled one of his fans’ oddest requests yet – being punched in the face – while in the middle of a concert, and they’re now being branded a legend. Here’s how it happened.

Fans are known to sometimes ask celebrities they look up to to do weird things. From Ludwig being asked to sign an adult comic book to Alinity being asked to eat food from the garbage, the internet has seen it all.

A video has now gone viral of Machine Gun Kelly punching a fan, by his request, in the middle of his concert in Belgium on July 1.

While performing at Rock Werchter in Belgium, MGK was seen visibly confused upon reading a fan’s sign that read “I just came from Mexico 4 u 2 punch me in the face”.

“Why do you want me to punch you in the face so bad? I got rings on dude, that shit is gonna hurt. And if I punch you, obviously I’m gonna want to punch the fuck outta you. I’m gonna feel bad, you’re front row singing all the words. I don’t know… it’s a lose-lose for me. I don’t know if I’m gonna do it. I’ll consider,” MGK said.

Later in the video, MGK is seen giving the fan a light jab on his cheek before saying “I love you” to him over the microphone.

The internet is calling the fan “legendary”

After the concert, Kelly posted the video of him punching the fan on his Instagram with the caption “making dreams come true”.

Fans were then quick to express their thoughts about the encounter in the comments, with one person saying: “Bro said ‘f**k me up fam’ but with love.”

Another wrote: “That kid has the best story now forever.” “F***ing legendary,” a third person wrote.

MGK is currently in the midst of the European leg of his tour where he’s performing at festivals and amusement parks.

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