Ludwig announces Beerio Kart World Cup event: Schedule, streamers, more

Ludwig Beerio KartTwitter: LudwigAhgren

YouTube star Ludwig is bringing his popular Mario Kart competition series back for another round in July with the Beerio Kart World Cup event. From when it kicks off to an early look at the format, here’s everything there is to know.

Ludwig has certainly been busy keeping the big events rolling throughout 2022. From his high-stakes Smash Bros. tournaments to his six-figure Fortnite events with Epic Games, the content creator always has something on the horizon.

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Next on the calendar is the return of his popular Beerio Kart series wherein, you guessed it, many of the internet’s biggest personalities get drunk playing Mario Kart.

Here’s how you can tune in on the day and keep on top of all the beer-fueled shenanigans.

Ludwig Beerio Kart: Streams & schedule

Ludwig’s Beerio Kart event is locked in for a Thursday, July 7 return with antics getting underway from 1PM PT. There’s no telling just yet how long the competition may last, but it’s safe to expect a full afternoon of chaos.

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As his own custom event, Ludwig is set to host the full Beerio Kart World Cup tournament directly on his YouTube channel. We’ll embed the stream link once it’s all scheduled.

Ludwig Beerio Kart: Format

Exact rules for Ludwig’s “greatest esport” event have yet to be announced. Though given the name of the competition, it’s safe to expect plenty of drinking punishments for the losing players.

With Mario Kart the game in focus, eight GameCube systems will be connected together on LAN mode in order to run 16-person Double Dash races, Lud’s team has confirmed. Exactly how many they’ll be playing, what tracks they’ll run, or what rewards are up for grabs, are all yet to be determined.

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Ludwig Beerio Kart: Streamers competing

For the time being, it’s currently unclear which popular streamers we’ll see in Ludwig’s competition.

Mario Kart Double Dash artworkNintendo
Mario Kart Double Dash is the game in focus for Ludwig’s event.

Beyond confirmation that 16 content creators will be involved, there’s no telling just yet who’s locked in.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you up to speed right here with all the latest player announcements as new details emerge.

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