How to watch Ludwig Mondays Fortnite tournament: Streams, schedule, format

Ludwig Mondays Fortnite event graphicEpic Games / Twitter: LudwigAhgren

YouTube star Ludwig has announced his very own Fortnite tournament series with the creative title ‘Ludwig Mondays.’ With $100,000 on the line, it’s sure to draw quite a crowd, and we’ve got you covered with an early rundown on all there is to know.

  • $100,000 total prize pool.
  • Multiple events all taking place across various Mondays.
  • First tournament kicks off on April 25.

Epic Games has just handed Ludwig the keys to the Fortnite kingdom, so to speak. With a new six-figure partnership, the Fortnite creators have linked up with one of YouTube’s most chaotic streamers for a series of competitive events.

Known as ‘Ludwig Mondays,’ these tournaments all feature Fortnite to a degree. While some may be strictly competitive with standard rules, others could innovate in some creative ways depending on how the streamer is feeling.

While it’s still early days yet, here’s a quick rundown on everything we know about Ludwig’s $100,000 Fortnite series coming up in the near future.

Ludwig Mondays: Fortnite event streams & schedule

As you would expect, Ludwig’s Fortnite event series is set to be streamed live on his own YouTube channel. We’ve embedded his stream above as this is sure to be the best way to keep on top of the action every Monday.

The very first week of competition is set to kick off on Monday, April 25. While no exact start time has been confirmed, it’s safe to expect a full afternoon of action.

There’s currently no roadmap for future events, so it’s unclear if Ludwig will be hosting Fortnite tourneys every week, once a month, or somewhere in between.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here before his first Fortnite event gets underway on an upcoming Monday.

Ludwig Mondays: Fortnite event format

Little is known about Ludwig’s planned Fortnite events. For now, all the YouTube streamer has confirmed is the prize pool and obviously, the game itself.

$100,000 is set to be split across however many events he runs. This funding comes directly from Epic Games thanks to a new partnership.

A player hiding to win FortniteEpic Games
Ludwig fans have some big opportunities ahead to make money through Fortnite.

First on the agenda is a tournament focusing on “small creators.” This means any upcoming personalities with “less than 1,000 average viewers” could join in on the action and win some cash. Each team of budding streamers is set to be joined by a “big streamer friend” of Ludwig’s in the captain spot.

We’re likely to see custom lobbies in effect for each Fortnite event, with standard rules in effect. Kills and placement in each match will presumably be just as important as ever.

As always, we’ll keep you updated right here once the finalized ruleset is made public. Though knowing Ludwig, it’s sure to be a messy event right up until the final moments.