Love Island’s Tink reveals why “missing islander” Danielle wasn’t given screen time

Theo Burman
Danielle Love Island

Tink Reading of Love Island fame has opened up about why Danielle has been absent from so much of the show.

Danielle Mazhindu’s lack of screen time has led many Love Island fans to describe her as the “missing islander“. After making a splash with her Casa Amor entrance, Danielle didn’t get much attention from the editors, without any explanation for why she was left out.

However, one of her co-stars, Tink, has now spoken up about why she didn’t get the screen time she deserved, and revealed that there was lots of unaired footage of Danielle that didn’t make the cut.

Tink says “Missing islander” Danielle was one of the best girls on the island

In a TikTok Q&A, Tink discussed Danielle with fans who asked why we didn’t get to see much of her, and she had nothing but kind words to say about her co-star.

Tink said: “This makes me so so sad that you didn’t get to see Danielle as much as we did because she was such an icon in the casa. She gave the best advice, she had some cracking one-liners.

“She was just true to herself, she went in there, she spoke to all the boys, but she wasn’t feeling it romantically, so she didn’t want to be fake and just force it, so that’s probably why you didn’t see her as much.

“She was having a really good time watching all the drama unfold, eating her popcorn. But honestly, she’s one of the best girls, and I’m really sad you didn’t get to see what we saw.”

It’s always rough when an islander doesn’t get treated the same way as some of the more popular stars, but hopefully Danielle can make a name for herself on the outside.

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