Louis CK explains why he doesn’t let Twitter influence his career on Joe Rogan podcast

Dylan Horetski
LouisCK joe Rogan podcast

Popular comedian Louis CK appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast recently, where he explained why he doesn’t let comments on Twitter or other social media platforms affect his career.

Since 1984, Louis CK has been one of the most popular comedians worldwide. He’s over a dozen awards for his work that spans through several comedy specials and even a self-named TV show.

After taking a quick hiatus, Louis returned to comedy in 2018 and has continued his career since. His latest appearance was on August 18, when he was a guest on Joe Rogan‘s podcast.

During the show, the comedian revealed why he doesn’t let users on Twitter and other social media platforms influence the way he handles his career.

Louis CK doesn’t let social media control him

While on the podcast, Louis CK and Joe Rogan began talking about people on social media making comments about his stand-up specials.

“When you do stand up, the people that are in the audience have a vote on my act. Like, they actually have a direct influence. I give a giant f**k about them,” he explained.

“If I read something by somebody that didn’t come to the show, who doesn’t go to comedy shows, who’s reacting to something that was written about a show… [and] I’m letting that person outweigh the rights of my audience… it’s irresponsible.”

He went on to explain that it’s not just a case of seeing negative comments and resisting the urge to interact, he said that “you shouldn’t even be aware of it.”

“F**k those people, they’re not there… they’re not involved,” he added.

Later on in the clip, Louis explained that it’s a “soothing, fun sport” for people to be negative on social media.