Logic explains harrowing reason why he left the internet despite mega Twitch deal

Pardon My Take

The last two years have been a wild ride for Logic. He retired from music, signed a blockbuster Twitch deal, and largely disappeared from the internet all in the same few months. While he has since returned to music, he still seems to be disconnected from social media these days.  In an interview with Pardon My Take, he explained his decision to step away from the internet and focus on his home life. 

If you’ve followed his career closely at all, you know that Logic’s connection to the internet has been a crucial part of his rise to stardom. Whether pushing the news about new songs on Twitter, allowing FaZe Clan to use his music in their early montages, or more recently signing a deal with G-Fuel, the rapper has shown a profound understanding of the internet space.

While that kind of savvy did bring a lot of good into the rapper’s life, it has also brought a ton of negativity as well.

Logic explains why he stepped away from the internet in 2020

Logic's twitch megadeal

While he has since returned to music, it seems like the rapper still hasn’t fully returned to the social internet. He’s been active on a few platforms, including Twitch, where he participated in the PogChamps chess tournament and cosplayed as Dwight K. Schrute in a match against Rainn Wilson, but that seems to be the most of his internet activity.

“I’m tired of being on this chopping block,” he said when asked about being chronically online. While the internet has played a key part in his rise to the top, it’s easy to forget the kind of negativity it can bring as well.

In the interview, he touches on some of the more tragic parts of his internet experience, including people wishing ill on him and his family. “I don’t need people calling my nineteen (month) old son ugly and hoping that he dies.”

That sort of attention clearly got to him even while he enjoyed the peak of his success so far. “I remember at the height of me being on the internet, one post on an Instagram story would get like over a million views…but what does that even mean?”

The reasons for his disconnection are certainly valid, it is easy to wonder about the timing. Shortly after his short-lived retirement from music,  Logic signed a “seven-figure deal” with Twitch. In the days since, he has only streamed a handful of times on his personal channel, and we estimate he made over $8,000 an hour for the time he spent on the platform. That’s a pretty sweet deal for him.

It seems as if Logic’s next move will be heading into film, as he’s written a film specifically for himself. If you’re interested in what that might look like, you can catch the rapper acting alongside his pal Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Apple TV+ series Mr. Corman.