Logan Paul terrified as monkeys attack and steal his Prime drink in viral TikTok

Jake Paul side-by-side with a moneky holding red bottle of prime hydrationTikTok: Logan Paul

While many Logan Paul fans are still waiting to get their hands on a round of his Prime Hydration sports drink, he managed to lose a bottle to a monkey in a clip that has taken over the internet.  

Over the years, plenty of influencers have taken their online success and channeled it into the business world – launching everything from small pieces of merch, to fully-fledged restaurant chains.

At the start of 2022, long-time foes Logan Paul and KSI put their rivalry aside and teamed up to launch a new sports drink – Prime Hydration. It’s proven to be a massive hit too, because while it is available at a wide range of stores, fans have struggled to get their hands on it.

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Though, while out and about in South Africa, Logan managed to lose a bottle of his new drink to a monkey, and the clip of what happened has taken over the internet.

Logan Paul KSI release prime hydration drinkInstagram: KSI, drinkprime
Logan Paul and KSI have joined forces to create a new sports beverage years after their infamous boxing rivalry was put to rest.

The social media star dropped the bizarre clip on January 30, as after he left his bag unattended, it was quickly ransacked by a monkey. Logan was a bit anxious about his camera equipment being stolen, but it was the drink the animals were after.

“He’s got Prime!” screamed a voice from behind the camera. “Yo! He stole my Prime,” shouted Logan as he was able to retrieve his bag with everything else in it.

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With the clip doing the rounds on social media – racking up 2 million views on Twitter, 1.3 million on TikTok, and amassing over 1 million likes on Instagram – many have stated that the clip should be turned into an advert for Prime, if it isn’t already. “You’re a walking viral video,” one Instagram commenter said. “This, for real, is the best advert for Prime,” stated another.

Some viewers joked that it may have been faked in some way, especially seeing as the monkey only stole the drink. The Prime social media accounts even leaned into it, joking that the animal was a “paid actor.”

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It is tough to tell either way, but don’t be shocked if the next Prime Hydration advert you see involves a terrified Logan and a pretty cheeky Monkey.