Nessa Barrett asks obsessive fans for “privacy” when out in public

Charlotte Colombo
nessa fans dinnerInstagram: nessabarrett

TikTok star Nessa Barrett has taken to Twitter to request some privacy from prying fans after finding them constantly accosting her during meals out.

With a 12-million strong TikTok following and a growing music career, Nessa Barrett is one of the hottest young stars in LA right now. However, as many such stars can attest to, the price of fame means that privacy is few and far in between.

Only recently, fellow TikToker Jaden Hossler found himself being “followed” by celebrity photographer Kevin Wong in his car, while Barrett herself had to publicly plead for privacy after reporters photographed her crying during a meal earlier this year.

Barret was frustrated after her November 14 meal at Saddle Ranch with on-off boyfriend Josh Richards and fellow influencers Mads Lewis and Jaden Hossler was interrupted by fans coming up to her table.

Fans had a mixed response to Barrett’s request. Some claimed that being approached by followers was an inevitable aspect of Barrett’s career, with one Twitter user saying, “If you have followers, it’s going to happen. They don’t know if they will ever see you again. Respect their needs.”

Similarly, another Twitter fan said, “I’m sorry but can’t you order food or cook at home because since your influencer obviously people are gonna come up to you. If I saw you, I would love to meet you.”

Others were more sympathetic to Barrett’s request: “Well, regardless of influence, basic decency and manners aren’t to be ignored. She deserves the respect anyone else would ask for. She breathes and bleeds to same way we do so, it’s typical that she’d want to eat out for dinner just as any normal person would.”

Instagram: nessabarrett
Barrett said in a Tweet to fans that while she is happy to speak to them when she is leaving the venue, she wanted to be left in peace when she was having her meal.

Over on Instagram, fans were similarly empathetic to Barrett’s situation: “I mean, she is right. At dinner she is trying to eat and spend time with her friends –  just talk to her when she is leaving the place.”

At the end of the day, there is no real right answer; while leaving celebrity figures alone in public is the decent thing to do, it’s also hard to expect everyone to abide by that, especially considering that most of these fan-bases are generally younger.

That said, now that she has cleared things up on Twitter, Nessa Barrett will hopefully be able to have more privacy when out in public in the future.