Logan Paul teases potential feud with rapper G-Eazy

imPaulsive, YouTube / Frank Schwichtenberg, Wikimedia Commons

It’s no secret that YouTube star Logan Paul is currently feuding with the NFL’s Antonio Brown over a possible boxing match — but the football pro isn’t the only celebrity he’s got beef with, apparently.

Although Paul’s Twitter-turned-real life grudge against Brown has since gone viral (thanks to his surprisingly well-received diss track against the athlete), another rivalry could be brewing between the YouTuber and a top name in the music biz.

American rapper G-Eazy, best known for his track “No Limit” and sucking face with Megan Thee Stallion, may not be fond of the “Maverick,” as told during an episode of the ‘imPaulsive’ podcast on February 11.

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Amid their discussion about Mike Majlak’s alleged infidelity and Logan’s brand-new diss track, the conversation shifted toward their meeting with the rapper, with Paul remaining decidedly silent when approached about the subject.

In fact, Paul gave a knowing smile and a mocking laugh after the issue was brought up, which understandably caused questioning from his fellow podcast hosts.

The Come Up Show, Flickr / Wikimedia Commons
Rapper G-Eazy may have some unexplained beef with Logan Paul, as hinted at during a February episode of the ‘imPaulsive’ podcast.

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This prompted a vague explanation from Majlak, who hinted that their potential feud may stem from a possible shared partner — although the two made sure to keep their explanation as gray as possible.

“He’s cool to me,” Majlak claimed after being asked about Paul’s status with the rapper. “…there’s more to the story that we’re not talking about right now.”

“I will see if this narrative develops,” Paul explained. “At which point I will say something, maybe. But for now, I’mma leave it be.”

(Topic begins at 42:02 for mobile viewers)

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That’s not all: Paul might even have a grudge with rapper Rick Ross, after noting that the music giant was at both the KSI fight and his meetup with Antonio Brown in both opponents’ corners.

Despite his beef with major music stars, Paul also claimed to have met Drake at a nightclub, where the two allegedly hit it off and the Canadian rapper even admitted to being a fan of his.

Antonio Brown, Instagram
Despite being former buddies, YouTuber Logan Paul and football pro Antonio Brown have serious beef between them.

With Paul having already confronted Antonio Brown in-person, another celebrity feud for the YouTuber would come as little surprise to fans — but there’s no telling if this bad blood will result in a boxing match.