Logan Paul slams Antonio Brown for ‘wasting time’ and dodging fight

Andy Williams
Logan Paul slam Antonio Brown.

Up until January 23, a “multi-million dollar” fight between YouTube sensation, Logan Paul and NFL superstar, Antonio Brown was on the cards. Yet it appears that one side of camp isn’t holding up their end of the bargain.

The Logan Paul vs. KSI rematch finally settled the score between the YouTube pair, after KSI took the exchange by split-decision. In the aftermath, Paul attempted to appeal the scorecard — which was subsequently overturned by the California State Athletic Commission.

Fast-forward a month on from Paul’s professional boxing debut, and he had already made good headway in seeking his next bout versus Antonio Brown… up until January 23.

In light of Brown recently being charged with burglary and battery, the chances of the all-American impromptu boxing fight appeared to have been squashed.

Now, Logan Paul has confirmed what many had suspected in a Tweet that was released on January 23.

“Antonio Brown, despite causing a slew of problems with the law, has now denied two multi-multi-million dollar official offers to fight me,” the 24-year old admitted.

Paul went on to explain: “You’ve wasted my time and leave me no choice but to body you via diss track.”

Given that the NFL star has reportedly rejected all offers from Paul’s camp, Logan was quick to pass the blame, labeling Antonio Brown as being on some “big b*tch sh*t.”


Of course, the fight materialized from Brown’s Tweet on January 7, where the NFL star challenged the YouTuber to “square-up.”

As of January 24, Brown has been released on bail after turning himself into police on January 23. The former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver was released subject to a a mental health evaluation, a GPS monitor and surrendering of his passport.

Despite Logan answering the American Footballer’s request to “get the papers,” there appears to be too many hurdles to overcome which would ensure that the pair lock horns inside the ring.