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Logan Paul reveals “serious” relationship with ex Josie Canseco

Published: 6/May/2020 23:43 Updated: 19/Nov/2020 19:08

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Logan Paul and model Josie Canseco called it quits in a quiet split after just one month of publicly dating — but now, it seems the two are back together, and this time it’s “serious.”

While Logan Paul and Canseco went their separate ways in mid-February, it appears that the couple has gotten back together, with Paul revealing his reunion with the model in an interview with ET Online.

In the interview, Paul admitted he was isolating with “the bird, a couple of homies and a girl,” who he later confirmed was Canseco.

That’s not all; the YouTuber also revealed that their romance is no casual fling, as stated during his explanation of how they’d first met.


“It was a crossing of L.A. circles,” he began. “She’s over here and I’m over there, and we crossed circles one night… It’s f**king serious. It’s pretty serious. Yeah.”

Paul and Canseco’s reunion follows their breakup in February, where Canseco completely ghosted Paul’s texts and calls after deciding that he “wasn’t the one for her,” reportedly worried he was using her for clout.

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Sources close Josie Canseco revealed that the model was worried Paul was using her for clout, and ultimately felt that he “wasn’t the right one for her” during their February split.

However, Paul claimed that he felt Canseco wanted more from their romance than he was initially willing to give, claiming that he wanted to make “himself happy first” and calling himself “selfish.”


“I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can give more right now,’” he revealed during an episode of the No Jumper podcast.

“‘This is the best I got.’ …I wasn’t, in this particular scenario, ready to give myself in that way. She left my house that night… we haven’t texted or spoken since.”

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From the two being accidentally spotted by paparazzi at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in January to their eventual breakup in February, these celebs have already been through a tumultuous timeline — but it doesn’t look like things are over for the couple, just yet.


Although Paul has been fairly private about his love life, it seems the YouTube star is letting fans in on his romantic side, and so far, things are looking up.