Josie Canseco reveals unexpected reason she broke up with Logan Paul

by Virginia Glaze
imPaulsive, YouTube / Josie Canseco, Instagram


YouTube star Logan Paul was spotted holding hands with model Josie Canseco in mid-January — but it looks like the pair have already called it quits, and Paul wasn’t the one who broke things off.

Nearly a year after his short-lived fling with Facebook Gaming streamer Corinna Kopf, Paul was spotted getting cozy with Canseco at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, as captured by a few paparazzi pics of the two.

However, it seems that the celebrity couple is already donion-rings, with a source close to the stars claiming that Canseco dropped Logan like a hot potato just a month later.

Logan Paul and model Josie Canseco have officially ended their relationship, according to sources close to the celebrity couple.


According to reports from TMZ, the source claimed that Canseco effectively ghosted her ex-boyfriend, with the two allegedly having parted ways a week ago when she stopped contacting him altogether.

It doesn’t seem like their breakup had anything to do with Logan’s “fake dating prank” involving his ex-sister-in-law Tana Mongeau, either, with the source also claiming that Canseco quit speaking to Paul before photos of the two YouTubers went viral.

Logan Paul, YouTube
Logan Paul staged a "fake dating prank" with ex-sister-in-law Tana Mongeau, effectively fooling the media - but not ex-girlfriend Josie Canseco.


In fact, Canseco reportedly knew that the whole thing was a massive practical joke and is well aware of their friendly, non-romantic relationship.

Instead, the source alleges that she felt Paul just “wasn’t the one for her,” and was even concerned that he was using her fame for clout — and odd possibility, considering the internet star boasts over 20 million YouTube subscribers.

JosieCanseco, Instagram
Model Josie Canseco allegedly ghosted ex-boyfriend Logan Paul, with sources claiming she worried he was using her for fame.


Thus far, Logan has yet to respond to reports of his split with the model; but it doesn’t look like anything is getting “The Maverick” down, as evidenced by a Tweet he published a few days prior to the news.

“Finally at a point in my life where I’m overwhelmingly content with the person I am and the person I’m becoming,” he wrote. “It sucks that it took mistakes and failures to evolve the way I did, but I’m finally starting to see my life play out the way I always imagined.”

Despite his breakup, it seems YouTube’s oldest Paul brother is keeping his head up and his sights clear for his future.