Logan Paul reveals regret after causing “dangerous” crash with girlfriend

Logan Paul on Impaulsive podcastYouTube: Impaulsive

Logan Paul has spoken about the regret he has after causing a dune buggy crash with his girlfriend, after promising that they would be safe with him driving.

Logan Paul has not spoken out much about his girlfriend, keeping her somewhat of a secret from fans and the wider internet, and it doesn’t seem as though he wants to change that any time soon.

Despite that, their relationship is clearly growing and things seem to be going well, though Logan has opened up about a situation where he felt he seriously broke his girlfriend’s trust, after joking that he “nearly died” crashing a vehicle with her as a passenger.

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Speaking about it on his Impaulsive podcast, Logan explained how it all went down, and how terribly he felt about the situation.

“We were at the ranch, a little getaway in LA,” he started. “First time I’ve been there in a couple of years… Yeah, it’s bad. We’re driving a Polaris RZR off-road four-wheel dune buggy. I love these things. The two-seaters, though, are a little dangerous, and I say that because pretty much everyone who’s ever driven it flips. Except me, because I’m very good at driving these things — or so I thought.

“She comes up to me before we go in it and she’s like ‘I haven’t been in these things a lot, I don’t feel super comfortable, can you please not flip?’ I said ‘Baby, I’m 27 years old, I’ve made the mistakes, I’ve done my showing off. I don’t need to prove myself to you. You’re safe in my hands.’”

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After sliding off-topic, Logan continued: “Sure enough, not four minutes from saying that, we are upside down in the f**king RZR. I flipped the sh*t, I was going too fast, I tried to go around a turn, I slammed the brakes too hard, I couldn’t go straight, and we rolled the RZR. Not flipped, rolled”

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Logan went on to describe how his girlfriend got annoyed with him, and how distraught she was having been suspended on the side of the car, shaken up by the experience.

“This was my takeaway,” he finalized. “My words need to hold more weight. If I say something, I need to stick by what I say. What comes out of my mouth is very important to me. When I say something with that level of absoluteness that has a potential repercussion that is dangerous, I need to take it more serious.”

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It goes without saying that Logan won’t be rushing to make this same mistake again — but his girlfriend might not give him the opportunity to, anyway.