Logan Paul hits back at his “toxic & volatile” podcast audience

Logan Paul addresses hate on podcastYouTube: Impaulsive

YouTube star and podcaster Logan Paul has been forced to address the volume of negativity in his comment section from a “vocal” minority, who even have gone as far as to harass Mike Majlak’s mom.

Logan Paul was once known primarily for his controversial behavior alongside brother Jake. Incidents such as his 2018 video filmed at Aokigahara forest in Japan led to unprecedented outrage, with YouTube even removing him from the Google Preferred programme as punishment.

Amid the huge level of coverage and engagement surrounding his fight with KSI later that year, and his recent emphasis on growing the podcast, his controversial image seems to have receded and still boasts a large audience.

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However it seems that his edgy sense of humor has followed him into his new endeavors in the form of a small but “vocal” minority who continue to perpetuate toxicity in the comment section of the Impaulsive podcast.

Mike Majlak and Logan Paul holding a mopInstagram: heybigmike
Mike Majlak is also the co-host of Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast.

Logan addressed the negativity at the beginning of episode 220, saying: “You may have noticed we did disable comments on the last podcast. There’s a small minority that is very vocal, and they do not represent the majority of our audience. I’m addressing those people.”

“I don’t know how to lead into this respectfully, but it has got volatile and toxic. To a point where I’m no longer comfortable. And it’s unfortunate because in the last episode we dived deep into the idea of positive reinforcement, and being nice and being kind.”

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Topic starts at 1:15

He even mentioned that co-host Mike Majlak’s mom commented on one of their previous episodes to say “I love you guys, great show, George is a great addition,” only to be met with cruel comments like “your son’s a drug addict who’s only gonna sell drugs to homeless people for the rest of his life.”

“It’s just gotten to a nasty place and I don’t know how we devolved there.” Logan explained that they try and stress the importance of positivity and that it’s disappointing to see how that message is being ignored by some commenters. “If the comment section is not going to be conducive to our program, there comes a point where we do have to put our foot down.”

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Logan Paul has over 22 million subscribers on his individual YouTube, garnering an enormous fan base since his activity on Vine and YouTube from 2013, with his podcast Impaulsive currently with 2.5 million subscribers.