Logan Paul hit with class action lawsuit following CryptoZoo drama


American YouTuber and wrestler Logan Paul has been hit with a class action lawsuit for his part in CryptoZoo, which investigative YouTuber Coffeezilla infamously labeled a “scam”. 

The CryptoZoo saga has been ongoing for some time. Back in December 2022, investigative YouTuber Coffeezilla labeled it a “scam”, leading to protracted acrimony between himself and Logan Paul.

Logan ultimately rowed back on his defense of CryptoZoo, issuing an apology and revealing a $1.3m plan to reimburse those who lost money because of it. Coffee ultimately attacked the plan as doing “nothing” for the victims of the “scam”.

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Now, the whole episode has taken another twist, with the news on February 2 that a class action lawsuit has been filed against Logan Paul and a series of other CryptoZoo actors. 

Class action lawsuit revealed against Logan Paul & CryptoZoo

Coffezilla himself covered the news, tweeting out that Logan Paul has been sued for his role in the CryptoZoo drama – “along with Jeff Levin, Crypto King, Eddie Ibanez and more.”

Attached was an image of the lawsuit, showing it has been filed in Austin, Texas by an individual named Don Holland, who also represents “all others similarly situated”.

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The lawsuit alleges fraud and breach of contract, unjust enrichment, violation of Texas’ Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), and negligence over a token sale for a Web3 game that did not come to fruition.

Confirmation also came from a lawyer – AttorneyTom – involved in the proceedings. 

He tweeted: “We have officially filed a class action lawsuit in the Western District of Texas against Logan Paul et al. for the CryptoZoo fiasco. (This is in addition to the numerous cases heading to arbitration on the matter.)”

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A timescale on the lawsuit is not yet clear, but those following the case should not expect a quick resolution. 

At the time of writing, Logan Paul has not publicly responded to the lawsuit

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