Logan Paul disgusted as brother Jake Paul eats bull testicles with The Liver King

Logan Paul disgusted after Jake eats bull testiclesYouTube: Impaulsive/Pexels: @ingo

Logan Paul was left disgusted as his brother Jake Paul enjoyed eating bull testicles on the latest episode of IMPAULSIVE with The Liver King as their special guest. 

Back in March, we reported on The Liver King, an influencer who has gone viral on social media for his “primal” raw meat diet.

On May 10, The Liver King appeared on Impaulsive where he and his chef provided the hosts with a platter of raw meat including liver, pancreas, and bull testicles. Among those who tried it are Logan and Jake Paul, their father Greg Paul, Mike Majlak, and George Janko.

Logan did not like the bull testicles and was left disgusted after Jake came onto the set and enjoyed their taste.

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Logan left disgusted at Jake Paul

After The Liver King’s personal chef brought out the platter of raw meat, Logan tried to eat a piece of the raw bull testicle. Spitting it out seconds later, the crew called for Jake to come onto the set.

“I like it, I let it defrost a little bit,” Jake explained before grabbing a piece and eating it. “It’s like sushimi. It’s not as good, but it needs hot sauce or something.”

As Jake was eating the meat, Logan was left disgusted. He said: “You’re the first guy I’ve ever heard brag about eating testicles. You’re a sicko.”

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While The Liver King is known for his exclusive raw meat diet, it’s not uncommon for people around the world to eat bull testicles.

They can be prepared in a variety of ways. For example, the most common way they are consumed in the United States is through dishes called Rocky Mountain Oysters or Calf Fries which are skinned and covered in a variety of seasonings before being deep-fried.

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