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Lirik loses it over Apex Legends cheaters

Published: 19/Feb/2019 11:01 Updated: 19/Feb/2019 12:33

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer Saqib ‘Lirik’ Zahid slammed a player in hilariously x-rated fashion for trying to advertise Apex Legends cheats on his stream. 

Respawn Entertainment has already confirmed that they have banned over 16,000 cheaters since the game’s release on February 4. However, since the game has no in-game report system, a number of cheaters could go unnoticed.

Cheats in video games are nothing new but to have exploits so early into a big release like Apex Legends and having them advertised on his stream really set Lirik off – as he hilariously unloaded all of his anger. 

Respawn EntertainmentThe majority of Apex Legends players aren’t cheaters but the number of those who are is already high.

The streamer began his x-rated rant by stating: “You stupid fucking kid. No one wants to download your fucking shit ass cheats because you can’t even use your mouse in this game – so, you know what you need to do? You need to go and fucking cheat because you fucking suck ass and you can’t take the goddamn time to learn how to fucking aim.”

However, Lirik wasn’t finished there, as he continued on and got even angrier: “So, here you are, fucking cheating in a brand new fucking video game, trying to ruin the fucking community of something that is finally not a piece of shit on PC because you’re a dumb fuck.”

“How does it feel to be a stupid fucking fuck, huh?,” Lirik asked, before reaching the end point of his rant. “Now, go shove the cheats up your fucking ass alright. There is already wallhacks in the game with Bloodhound you dumb fuck. Just learn how to aim now – you’re halfway there.”

As the number of cheaters playing the game grows, it’s probably not the best decision for them to try and advertise on a stream such as Lirik’s – especially when they end up getting shut down in such ridiculous fashion. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends clamps down on teamers ruining ranked play

Published: 4/Dec/2020 2:00 Updated: 4/Dec/2020 2:03

by Alan Bernal


Respawn Entertainment have banned top-ranked Apex Legends players on Xbox who were found ‘teaming’ in the competitive playlist, extending the devs’ hard-line approach to cheaters.

Teamers have been prevalent in Apex since the game’s launch. While the war against cheaters has been ongoing, Respawn have shown they’re not afraid to swing the ban hammer once reports start to get out of hand.

For the people who have poured hundreds of hours into the battle royale to reach some of the highest echelons of the Rank ladder, the devs won’t think twice about banning you if you’re caught obstructing Apex’s competitive integrity.

Respawn security team member Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford has been slamming cheaters of all types with hardware bans, among others, and let over a dozen players know they had their last day on their respective Apex accounts.

Respawn Entertainment
Teamers in Apex Legends have been a problem since before Season 1.

“To the 14 Xbox players who were teaming in high-level Ranked, I hope your time off is more fulfilling and well spent than what you were doing in Apex lol,” Hideouts said.

For those unaware, teaming is the simple act of coordinating with people outside of your squad. While there isn’t any third-party software or extra application in use that cheat detection would pick up, it’s still highly against the framework of a battle royale.

People have teamed since the start of the game to complete challenges, unlock prestigious rewards, and secure incredibly easy wins to add to their record.

If there was ever a doubt that teaming with your friends would result in a ban, Hideouts and co. spare no bans if they get a report with evidence to the infraction.

As Season 7 ramps up through its holiday festivities, Respawn have been really keen on cleaning up the game from every kind of cheater under the sun.

Whether you’re trying to be slick and get away with some light cheating or broadcasting your errant ways on Twitch, the Apex devs have a pretty solid record of tracking down people violating the rules.

As long as Apex Legends has cheaters, the devs will continue to be active in community threads and direct Cheater Report channels to sift out the bad actors.