Linus Tech Tips is “extremely skeptical” about the longevity of OTK’s Starforge PCs

linus tech tips starforge headerYouTube: Linus Tech Tips / Starforge Systems

Linus Tech Tips revealed he is “extremely skeptical” about Starforge Systems’ survival during a tech review.

As the most watched tech-centric YouTube channel on the platform, Linus Sebastian and the team at Linus Tech Tips certainly know the ins and outs of PC building and manufacturing.

As a very lucrative industry, it’s no surprise that companies like the influencer-owned Starforge Systems were eager to jump into the field with some expensive pre-built systems for sale.

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Now, Sebastian has reviewed the Horizon Creator edition PC sent from the company in which he said he was “extremely skeptical” of the company’s survivability quite early on.

Linus Tech Tips reviews Starforge Systems PC

Sebastian opened his review by acknowledging that while the system-building business looks quite appealing on the outside, the pitfalls involved in founding a company around it are numerous.

The tech YouTuber went on to say that those pitfalls coupled with the fact that Starforge Systems is owned by “a bunch of Twitch streamers with no obvious business acumen” among other concerning factors made him think the company was “doomed to fail.”

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For those who may not know, Starforge System is owned by members of OTK Network and popular content creator Charlie “MoistCr1TiKal” White.

Unfortunately, Starforge Systems’ launch was plagued with controversies, such as many fans claiming the PC builds were vastly overpriced and OTK perma-banning critics from live streams.

As such, Sebastian anonymously ordered the $3,500 Horizon Creator Edition PC for review, so as not to receive any special treatment beforehand.

While the team noticed fairly minor and not-so-minor hiccups during the setup process, the performance test performed admirably.

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However, Sebastian deemed the value proposition of the $3,500 PC much more harshly. Notably, Sebastian’s team was able to build a PC with identical specs that cost nearly $1,000 less.

Of course, the tech YouTuber acknowledged the convenience factor coupled when buying a pre-built PC compared to a DIY build.

While Sebastion ended his review by saying he doesn’t know if he’d “wholeheartedly recommend” purchasing a Starforge Systems build and advised viewers to wait to see if they’re “still around in six months,” he acknowledged the company seemed like “as good an option as any other SI on the market.”

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