Linus Tech Tips put fanless cooling system in MacBook Air & it outperforms MacBook Pro

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Linus Tech Tips installed a new fanless cooling system on MacBook Air, giving it a significant performance boost.

The M2 MacBook Air doesn’t exactly have the best cooling system. It sometimes gets so hot that even the performance gets affected. But Linus Tech Tips appears to have found a workaround that not only helps it stay cool but also boosts performance to the MacBook Pro level.

The YouTuber modded the M2 MacBook Air with a fanless cooling system, which improved its performance under heavy load. It was done while maintaining the thin and light build of the laptop.

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M2 MacBook Air finally moves some air

The M2 MacBook Air doesn’t have a fan for the chip, so it slows down when you do a lot of work for a sustained time. There’s nothing really stopping the laptop to it from getting too hot. The M2 MacBook Pro, on the contrary, has a fan that gets rid of extra heat.

Putting a fan on MacBook Air would mean increasing its thickness, which would defeat the whole purpose of Apple’s “Air” lineup. However, Linus Tech Tips modded the laptop with a new fanless cooling system, which lets it perform just as well without increasing the thickness for heat dissipation.

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The cooling system in question is called AirJet. It is developed by Frore and functions similar to a traditional laptop fan but without taking up so much valuable space.

Linus Tech Tips showed that after installing AirJet, the MacBook Air could match the MacBook Pro’s performance while keeping its temperature cool. For comparison, a stock M2 MacBook Air is 7% slower than the M2 MacBook Pro, according to Macworld.

In a Cinebench test conducted by a YouTuber, the standard MacBook Air achieved a score of 8,191 points, while the modified model attained an impressive 8,611 points, falling just a hair short of the MacBook Pro’s 8,690 points.

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While this may sound exciting, we hate to break it to you that this modification isn’t practical. AirJet isn’t a consumer product but merely a proof of concept, for now.

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