OTK under fire for perma-banning Twitch viewers critical of new PC building company

OTK reveal PC companyOTK

After revealing their brand new PC building company, Starforge Systems, OTK faced backlash from the community for permanently banning many of their Twitch viewers during their announcement, even going as far as cross-server banning some users.

In recent news, OTK collaborated with Moistcr1TiKaL to create Starforge Systems — a PC assembling company. Though the company was soon met with plenty of criticism, with many fans arguing any PC assembly business model requires too high of a price mark-up.

However, the business model itself, one that takes after the doomed Artesian Builds, isn’t what most fans are disappointed about.

During the announcement, any controversial comment on the livestream was met with a permanent ban. Specifically, any viewer commenting “sell” or using stock and corpa emotes were met soon after with a perma-ban — with some bans going across multiple channels.

Some of the streamers involved in the reveal directly told the viewers to participate accordingly prior to the reveal. But the overall negative reception of the company’s debut clearly became too much to handle — resulting in heavy censorship.

Mods effectively permanently cut committed Twitch viewers off from their favorite personalities for voicing their opinions, attempting to control the backlash.

Viewers have since been taking to Reddit, using the platform to voice their concerns. But there is still worry of censorship, with one user commenting “can’t wait for this thread to mysteriously disappear.”

It seemingly wouldn’t be the first time a post disappeared on Reddit after being reported by a closely affiliated streamer.

According to a mod, “Mizkif begged to get this, and the Saudi Arabia threads removed. We said no.”