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Linus Tech Tips explains why Intel has lost AMD

Published: 9/Oct/2020 18:59

by Tanner Pierce


After AMD unveiled their newest lineup of Ryzen processors, popular YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips has gone on to explain why this means that the computing giant has finally overtaken its competitor, Intel.

For the longest time, Intel has been the name brand for processors. While some gamers prefer AMD over the former, there’s no denying that Intel appeals to a wider audience, mostly due to the fact that they are the company with the more powerful processor. That is, until now.


Now that AMD has unveiled their brand new line of Ryzen 5000 processors, extremely popular technology YouTuber Linus Tech Tips has revealed that he feels that the company is now at the top of their game and that Intel is finally in “the back seat”, so to speak.

According to Linus, there are a number of different reasons to be excited about the new lineup, but one of the main reasons he feels that AMD has beaten Intel is due to the fact that the new Ryzen 5000 line seems to have a huge power boost compared to its previous generation, with the new processors having an over “20 to 50 percent improvement over Ryzen 3000.”

Linus Tech Tips
Popular YouTube channel Linus tech tips has explained why he thinks AMD has finally overtaken Intel.

“With numbers like that, AMD should roughly match Intel as a worst-case [scenario] or beat them by up to 20%,” he said.

It is worth noting, however, that there is an interesting exception. While most of their numbers in their graph versus Intel did show an improvement over the competitor, Battlefield V seemed to be performing 3% less on AMD than with its Intel counterpart, which is interesting.

This, of course, is still impressive however. Having a real, direct competitor to Intel that can generally match its processing performance is still a huge deal. It will certainly be interesting to see if sales seem to match its impressive numbers.


Linus did go on to mention, of course, that third-party assessments are going to be the real talk here but that everything he’s seen is nothing to scoff at.

“We’ll have to wait and see what the real-world numbers look like but so far, AMD’s probably feeling pretty confident right about now,” he said in his closing statements.

The AMD Ryzen 5000 series of processors are launching on November 5, 2020, and will be available for as low as $299 and as high as $799.


Best free three-star weapons in Genshin Impact

Published: 19/Oct/2020 16:48

by James Busby


Genshin Impact’s world is filled with all kinds of deadly weaponry, but getting your hands on the game’s five-star items can prove incredibly difficult. In order to save you time and money, we’ve put together the best free-to-play three-star weapons you should be using in Genshin Impact.

From monolithic greatswords that tear through waves of monsters to lightning-fast polearms that overwhelm enemies with deadly combos, there is plenty of choice when it comes to choosing your weapon in Genshin Impact. Of course, knowing which weapons to upgrade can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t wish to waste your precious materials on low tier loot. 


However, not everyone is blessed with great luck when it comes to securing the game’s best characters and weapons. As you may know, the pull rates needed to grab a five-star weapon are incredibly low and things can get incredibly expensive if you’re looking to grab the game’s best weapons. Fortunately, our three-star weapon guide will allow you to still deal incredible amounts of damage, while also keeping you from breaking the bank. 

Debate Club

Debate Club weapon description
This monstrous club can put an end to even the mightiest of foes.

Despite its name, there’s hardly any room for debate when you’re busy bludgeoning your enemies with this mighty club. What separates this two-handed weapon from the rest of Genshin Impact’s other heavy hitters is its fantastic passive – Blunt Conclusion.


After your character uses an Elemental Skill, your normal or charged attacks will deal an additional 60% damage to your target. This passive lasts for 15 seconds and the bonus damage will trigger every three seconds, meaning you can apply huge amounts of lethal hits in a very short amount of time. 

Fillet Blade

Fillet Blade weapon description
Slicing through waves of Hilichurls has never been so easy.

The Fillet Blade is arguably the most well-rounded three-star sword option in Genshin Impact as it doesn’t require any elemental conditions to be met. This means you can use this weapon in any team comp without compromising your DPS. What makes this weapon so potent is its on-hit passive.

Gash has a 50% chance of dealing an additional 240% damage to a single enemy, essentially giving you the chance to grievously wound an enemy or outright kill them. While this added kill potential can only occur once every 15 seconds, it’s still incredibly useful when you’re fighting a particularly tough foe. 


Sharpshooter’s Oath

Sharpshooter's Oath weapon description
Hitting enemy weak points is even more potent whenever this bow is equipped.

While you’ll often only switch to your archer when you need to apply an elemental reaction or solve a puzzle, you’ll be able to dish out plenty of weak point damage with this particular bow. As the name suggests, the Sharpshooter’s Oath is all about delivering highly precise shots.

In fact, this bow increases damage against weak spots by 24%. This percentage may seem rather small at first, but when you fully upgrade it, you’ll be able to hit weak spots for a massive 48% extra damage. This makes it a great choice for when you need to hit the weak spots of the game’s Ruin Guards and bloodthirsty bosses. 


Halberd weapon description
The Halberd is one of the best three-star polearms in the entire game.

While Xiangling is currently the only polearm user in Genshin Impact, you’ll want to be on the lookout for this particular weapon if you plan on adding Zhongli and Xiao to your roster. The Halberd’s Heavy passive gives your normal attacks an additional 160% damage for a total of 10 seconds.


This damage buff is absolutely huge when you consider just how fast the polearm class is. In fact, you’ll be able to chain together multiple jabs and lunges in the time it takes for this buff to wear off.

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Genshin Impact Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers weapon desscription
This Catalyst may be incredibly common, but it is a fantastic addition to any team.

Catalyst users are mages who bombard enemies with AoE elemental effects and support their allies with life-saving heals. These mages are the bread and butter of most teams and invariably set up the big elemental combos you need to sweep your enemies off their feet. As a result, you’ll often want to quickly switch between them before unleashing your main damage dealer. This is where the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers catalyst comes in to play. 


When a Catalyst user has this particular weapon equipped, they will boost the next character’s damage by 24% for 20 seconds. This skill is incredibly useful when you switch into your main DPS as they’ll be able to dish out even more lethal hits. Not bad for a three-star tome. 

If you want to level up the rest of your Genshin Impact gameplay, then be sure to check out out our other tips guides.