Moistcr1TiKaL confirms prices for Starforge Systems PC builds will drop after backlash

Moistcr1tiKal streaming on Twitch with Starforge Systems logoTwitch: moistcr1tikal/ Starforge Systems

Twitch streamer Charles ‘MoistCr1TiKal’ White has revealed that the price of the PCs built by the newly-formed Starforge Systems will receive a significant price drop following backlash from fans.

On August 8, popular streaming organization One True King (OTK) announced that it was teaming up with MoistCr1TiKal to create a PC building company named Starforge Systems.

While the move was welcomed with delight by fans, some feared that it could be a repeat of OTK’s former ill-fated business partner, Artesian Builds.

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However, MoistCr1TiKal has promised that Starforge will be different. Instead, the team will listen to any criticism from fans and “adapt.”

Fans slam Starforge PCs price tag

After OTK’s exciting announcement, Starforge Systems came under fire online, with critics slamming the prices of its PCs. With the company’s cheapest computer — the Starforge Horizon PC — starting off at $999.99, many claimed they could find similar products for much cheaper.

Some fans defended the cost given the expense of the parts and the configuration. However, it wasn’t enough to silence critics who went so far as to call the scheme a ‘scam.’

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MoistCr1tiKal hits back at price drop criticism

Following on from the criticism, Moist confirmed that Starforge would be dropping the cost of its PCs. Although, one fan during his stream claimed it was only a response to the backlash.

“I knew that brain-dead take was coming,” Moist replied. “What is the point of criticism if you don’t want to see a change? Do you just want to be mad? The whole point of criticism is to try and get change which this has done […] so now we can adapt, we can change it and make it better.”

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He added that after the issue was brought to the team’s attention, “the entire board got together” and discussed what they could do to solve the problem.

Moist didn’t go into any detail as to which products will have their price tag reduced or when it will come into effect. However, he claimed there will be more information from Starforge Systems in the coming days.

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