Lil Durk makes classic rookie mistake after huge Ninja Twitch host

Jacob Hale
Ninja and Lil Durk

Rapper Lil Durk is the latest name in a long line of celebrities looking to capitalize on the growing livestreaming market, and made an epic rookie mistake in his first ever stream.

Durk is a rapper on the up, and he most recently jumped on Drake’s track ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ as a feature artist, but doesn’t appear to be satisfied with just killing it in the music industry.

On September 16, Lil Durk — real name Durk Banks — went live on Twitch for the first time, following in similar steps to fellow rapper Logic, who recently left his music career behind him to go full-time on the streaming platform.

In his opening stream, he was blessed with a rare Ninja host, something many streamers could only dream of when just starting out, with the streamer sending his viewers over to Durk’s broadcast.

Drake and Lil Durk laugh now cry later video
Lil Durk recently featured on a verse for Drake in Laugh Now Cry Later.

While for many this would be a huge opportunity to sell themselves as a streamer, Durk showed how green he was to streaming by making a classic rookie mistake.

After Ninja’s 30,000 viewers started slowly flooding into Durk’s chat, the rapper’s friend, who was on a call with him, told him to interact with the chat, something which he seemed happy to do.

The only issue was, his microphone was muted the entire time. While it looked like Lil Durk was showing gratitude for everybody filing into his stream, perhaps telling them what kind of content they’re in for, absolutely nothing could be heard.

When you’re given a new platform of 30,000 people to appeal to and try to win over, this might have been the last thing Durk would’ve wanted to do, but luckily his new viewers found it hilarious and the chat was spammed with people trying to help.

It goes without saying that Durk isn’t yet the accomplished streamer he might turn out to be — but at least nobody will forget the inspirational speech he made after he was lucky enough to get that Ninja host.

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