Billie Eilish calls out influencers for partying in viral video

Virginia Glaze
Billie Eilish speaks to the camera during an interview with Vanity Fair.

Massively popular singer-songwriter Billie Eilish is going viral after calling out influencers and other celebrities for partying amid the ongoing global health crisis in a humorously scathing video.

Considering the current state of the world — especially the West Coast’s ongoing fires and air pollution — it stands to reason that many are attempting to stay indoors as much as possible, avoiding smoke inhalation as well as the potential of getting sick.

However, that isn’t stopping social media stars and other celebs from living it up, with many famous faces coming under fire for clubbing, eating at restaurants, and even throwing huge house parties in spite of Los Angeles city ordinances.

Names like former YouTube group the NELK Boys have hosted massive meetups across the United States, while creators like Jake Paul have thrown packed house parties complete with a boxing ring in honor of his now-professional pastime.

Although these influencers are catching heat from fans online, one of their own has had enough of the negligence — and her name is Billie Eilish.

The ‘Bad Guy’ singer uploaded a video to her Instagram story on September 14, where she appeared to throw some not-so-subtle shade to those going maskless amid the current crisis.

“Funny how I haven’t hugged my best friends in six months, and y’all are out here partying,” the singer said before removing the comically overblown filter on her face to give the camera a deadpan look.

While covered by a humorous filter, the star’s words did not fall on deaf ears, and she has since gone viral on multiple social media platforms for her amusing, unamused video.

Unsurprisingly, many critics are linking her comments to recent instances of partying, including that of the NELK Boys, who were even caught on the news after drawing immense crowds for their latest merch drop — seeming to completely ignore potential health concerns.

Plenty of these influencers have faced punishment, as well, with TikToker Bryce Hall even facing a $2,000 fine and potential jail time due to his partying habits — but perhaps huge names like Billie Eilish condemning their actions might be the key to getting certain stars to take safety seriously.

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