Lawyer admits to affair with his employee at comedy show & instantly regrets it

Michael Gwilliam
jessica kirson catches lawyer having affairTikTok/jessicakirson

A lawyer who chose to sit up front at a Jessica Kirson comedy show with his date instantly regretted his decision after admitting to having an affair.

Jessica Kirson is becoming one of the most popular comics, having appeared on many podcasts including Joe Rogan‘s JRE. TikTok has played a big role in growing her audience over the years, but that may come back to haunt a certain lawyer.

During a show, Kirson was doing her usual crowd work and talking with fans when her attention suddenly turned to a man sitting up front wearing a nice suit, and began conversing with him.

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After he revealed he was an attorney, the comedian started asking about his date and how long they’d been going out for. It wasn’t long after that his date spilled the beans about him being her boss, much to his chagrin.

Lawyer admits to cheating at Jessica Kirson comedy show

Without warning, the lawyer confessed that he didn’t want to sit up front, something that made Jessica pry a bit deeper into his personal life.

“You’re never going to see these f**king people again,” she said, assuring him that everything was okay.

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However, he then admitted that he was more worried about social media, because the two were having an affair – something that no one in the club saw coming at all.

This even confused Kirson more, because as the lawyer said, he didn’t even want to sit in front and there were cameras directly on him, catching the two in the act.

True to her word though, the comedian did end up censoring the promiscuous couple for the video, but only after the attorney ironically revealed he was a divorce lawyer.

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Of course, it’s still possible the two end up getting discovered due to their voices and if they do, chances are the man may end up having to represent himself.

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