Is xQc engaged to Fran? Cryptic photos shock fans

xQc fran new girlfriendfrana_ow/Instagram

Fran, an Overwatch player that quit streaming in early 2022, posted a picture of her kissing xQc and has fans believing the two are in a relationship or perhaps even engaged.

xQc has had a very public and tumultuous breakup with Adept. She claims that the two of them were married for 3 years despite xQc’s claims otherwise, while xQc has claimed that she’s blocking his access to him paying bills for his house in Texas. The two of them are clearly at odds with each other.

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Their public breakup has put a lot of attention on xQc and his relationship with her, but it seems he’s since moved on. xQc spoke previously about having a new girlfriend, but that his situation with Adept has made his life a “living nightmare” as he traverses his new relationship.

However, after a former Overwatch streamer by the name of Fran posted an image of herself kissing xQc, she wiped her social media presence clean at the time. She’s since become active on Instagram again with photo of them kissing front and center. But now people are speculating the two may be engaged.

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Fans of xQc believe Fran is his new girlfriend

At one point, Fran was a massive Overwatch streamer that has since moved on from the game. She also received backlash in 2022 after launching a highly controversial NFT project.

She decided to quit streaming shortly after the backlash, citing that she was going to move back home and take care of her parents. She began streaming again months later, taking things a bit more casually and stepping back from being solely an Overwatch streamer.

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Fran posted a picture of her kissing xQc on her Instagram account before completely deleting her social media presence shortly after. However, her Instagram didn’t stay deleted for long, and the picture is still there now that it’s back up.

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Days later, xQc posted a picture to his Instagram reel showing him with a woman’s hand over his chest. That hand had a big diamond on it along with some other rings.

What’s more, people investigating the situation noticed that the rings on the hand in the picture with xQc were identical to those on Fran’s hand in a separate Instagram post.

While xQc has yet to confirm his relationship status, these posts have led many to believe that he’s in a relationship with Fran and could even be engaged to her.

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That said, the streamer has a lot of other stuff going on in his life. He’s even claimed that he may have to find a place to set up as his “bunker” to keep his location secret and wait things out amid drama with Adept, his former partner.

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