KSI vs Logan Paul rematch: Press conference date potentially set


YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul are slated to throw down in the boxing ring once again on November 9 – but further details regarding their rematch have been scarce, and fans are antsy for more information.

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As it so happens, an official announcement for the fight might not be far away, thanks to audio from Maverick member Evan “Dwarf Mamba” Eckenrode’s Instagram story.

While the story has since expired, celebrity news outlet “TheBreadBatch” managed to record the post’s audio, which contains a conversation between unknown parties discussing a “press conference” scheduled for “September 3.”

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Although no sources have yet confirmed this press conference outright, Team 10 member Izadi Armani appeared to confirm the rumors, replying to TheBreadBatch’s post with a simple shrugging emote.

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The Logan Paul vs KSI rematch will take place in the Los Angeles Staples Center, although ticketing and live streaming information for the event has yet to be released at the time of writing.

Considering the massive success of their 2018 pay-per-view bout, it’s safe to say that the YouTubers’ next fight could be an equally successful venture, with tensions higher than ever as they prepare for what might be their final match.

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Logan Paul, Twitter / CopytrackDetails concerning the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch were scarce, until a date and venue leaked in early August – and now, fans might have a press conference coming up soon.https://twitter.com/LoganPaul/status/1165770889389981696?s=20[ad name=”article4″]

An undercard for the bout likewise has yet to be confirmed, with YouTuber Jake Paul firmly denying a rematch with Deji and hoping to fight a content creator with “clout” – a challenge that social media star “Fouseytube” called out in a video, claiming that he wants “all the smoke” with the Team 10 leader.

While Paul has yet to officially accept or deny Fousey’s request, Fousey likewise asked KSI to let him fight Deji on the undercard, calling the youngest Olatunji brother the “biggest bitch on YouTube.”

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Considering the lack of information available for the rematch, fans are left in the dark until the rumored press conference goes live in about a week’s time.