KSI hits back at RiceGum’s “weird” comments about his girlfriend and music career

KSI responds to RiceGum roastsYouTube: JJ Olatunji/RiceGum

The KSI and RiceGum beef has been reignited, with the Brit slamming RiceGum over comments he has made about his girlfriend and ever-growing music career.

While Rice and KSI once got along just fine thanks to their connections through FaZe Clan, the pair have fallen out in the years since, with Rice accusing KSI and his YouTube group Sidemen of “using him for clout,” among other things.

While the pair have had their fair share of back and forths, things appear to have reached a fever pitch, after KSI watched a video of RiceGum talking about him, his girlfriend and his music.

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In the video, Rice made a number of disparaging remarks, leaving KSI utterly perplexed.

KSI nigeria shirtInstagram: ksi
KSI couldn’t believe what RiceGum was saying during his stream.

RiceGum targets KSI’s girlfriend

At first, RiceGum decided to target KSI’s girlfriend, whose identity is unknown and prefers to keep their relationship hidden from public view.

“It’s just a waste of clout bro,” RiceGum said in the clip. “You guys date normal girls. It’s a waste of clout. You might as well turn up.”

KSI questioned the “waste of clout” comment, saying that Rice himself is a waste of clout and that the comments are “so weird.” He adds: “I really hope people don’t have this mentality when it comes to their significant other, man,” clarifying that women aren’t just trophies to be ‘shown off’.

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Timestamp: 9:01

KSI rips into RiceGum’s musical prowess

Following these comments in the clip, RiceGum decides to watch the video for KSI’s latest single ‘Holiday’, which reached number two in the official UK charts.

Within about three seconds of the song starting, Rice says that it’s “trash” and accuses KSI of “buying views.” KSI retorts that it’s no wonder RiceGum “is dead when it comes to music. You wouldn’t know good music if it hit you in the face.”

KSI goes on to confirm that he is a platinum recording artist, something Rice believes he holds over the British entertainer and even mocks RiceGum’s “dead” song streams on Spotify.

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KSI concludes that RiceGum is “f**king salty,” agreeing with a fan that he’s mad because he “will never be as successful.”

While RiceGum has built a huge fan base on Twitch, KSI’s international appeal, which is becoming more and more mainstream over time, has firmly asserted himself as a high-level celebrity.

Whether that’s the problem at the root of their beef, though, is unclear.