KSI claims he’s “most dangerous” YouTuber boxer after Social Gloves event

British entertainer KSI has claimed he’s the “most dangerous” YouTube boxer following the Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib Social Gloves card.

What started as two YouTubers, KSI and Joe Weller, settling their issues with one another in the ring has flourished into world of what’s now known as Influencer Boxing.

Today, there are fight cards popping up all over the shop, featuring influencers such as the Paul brothers, Bryce Hall, Deji, and more putting on the gloves.

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KSI is just one of many that has proved time and time again that he’s more than confident in stepping in the ring. Now, with 5 fights under his belt, he claims he’s the “most dangerous” YouTube boxer on the scene.

KSI claims he’s the best YouTube boxer

Despite even fighting two opponents in one night, the British rapper, YouTuber, and boxer KSI feels as if there’s not enough respect on his name.

Following the Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib bout on September 10, which resulted in a 4th round KO for Gib, KSI took to Twitter, where he had some tough words to say to his 8.1M followers.

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“Let’s not put any disrespect on my name now people,” he wrote.

“I’m one of the most dangerous boxers in the YouTube scene. I would beat everyone on the Misfits card and both the social gloves cards,” the YouTube star claimed. “No disrespect to any of the fighters but it’s just facts.”

However, not everyone agreed with the bold statement, as fans began slamming his boxing skills and choice of opponents: “Maybe learn to throw a 1-2 combo up with your strikes show us you’re technique, of course people will doubt if all you do is fight bums and only throw power strikes,” one fan wrote.

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“Your only serious win was against logan paul even that though was won because he made a bad decision a lost 2 points,” another added.

KSI is eyeing up his next bout for sometime early next year. It’s unclear who his next opponent will be, as he’s previously discussed touching gloves with a range of fighters such as AnEsonGib, Andrew Tate, and more.

However, fans will certainly be expecting a performance to remember in his next fight, especially after this controversial tweet claiming he’s the “most dangerous” influencer boxer.

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