Jake Paul calls Anderson Silva fight “surreal” as he faces off with hero

Jake Paul talking to camera in boxing gymYouTube: Jake Paul

Jake Paul has called his fight with Anderson Silva “surreal” as the UFC legend is the first celebrity that Jake ever “fanboy’d” over growing up.

After two cancelations put an end to his summer return to boxing, Jake Paul will finally be stepping back into the ring in October. And, he’s got a pretty big test in the form of Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva.

The UFC legend has acquitted himself nicely in the boxing world already, picking up a 3-1 record, and boasting a win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr – a former world champion. He’s already the betting favorite over Jake too.

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A few months ago, Jake wasn’t sure the fight would ever happen, and even swore it off as he considered Anderson somewhat of a hero. Now it’s actually though, he believes it is a “surreal” match up.

Jake Paul speaks on Anderson Silva fight after announcement

Following the announcement about the fight, which is slated to take place on October 29, Jake gave his thoughts on the clash in his September 9 YouTube video.

He noted that Anderson was the first celebrity he ever fanboy’d over, and recounted the story of how he met him in Ohio as a child. “This is such a surreal moment for me, and it’s such an honor to be sharing the ring with such a legend,” Jake said.

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“And, without a doubt, this is by far the hardest opponent I’ve yet to face. I wanted to take this fight after Tommy Fury but since no professional boxers wanted to jump into the ring with me, I said let’s just jump into the deep end and go for the hardest one out there.”

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Seeing as he holds Anderson in such high regard, we might see a bit of a difference in the build-up for Jake – maybe less trash-talking and personal insults.

Though, the YouTuber-turned-boxer is promising a knockout victory, so he’s not completely reigning himself in.

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