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Deji claims neighbors are lying about his dog’s attack

Published: 16/Sep/2018 21:57 Updated: 16/Sep/2018 22:27

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Oladeji ‘Deji’ Olatunji feels that his neighbors are exaggerating their claims that they were bitten by his German Shepherd dog, Tank.

Deji addressed an article from the Blast, which contained statements from the neighbors and local law enforcement that Tank bit two people, causing major injuries.

Deji cited footage from his CCTV camera, where he saw only one of his neighbors getting bitten. In addition, he described the bite as a ‘nip,’ which he says was incited by the neighbor hitting Tank on the snout with a package she had come to collect from their doorstep.

The article stated that Tank attacked his neighbor’s son-in-law, as well, which Deji firmly denies. Deji also claimed that one of the neighbors attempted to kick his dog following the incident, which he believes was an attempt to get a rise out of the animal.

“You know why?” Deji asked. “Because he wanted the dog to attack him, so he could make a claim.”

The article held that the police did not steal Tank, which Deji claimed occurred after he had placed the dog in a kennel following the incident.

Police required Deji to sign an ‘Acceptable Dog Contract’ under the 1991 Dangerous Dog Act. While they say that Tank is being held in a kennel, they deny any claims that the dog is being trained as a police K-9.

Deji feels the neighbor’s claims in the article are an attempt at a “quick cash grab.” He also published a petition for Tank’s return, which has received over 300,000 signatures as of September 16.


Twitch removes “Blind Playthrough” stream tag after backlash

Published: 5/Dec/2020 18:14

by Daniel Cleary


Twitch has introduced a new change to the stream tags on channels, which has completely removed the “Blind Playthrough” tag from the site following criticism around the language used.

It can often be difficult to get discovered as a new Twitch streamer, with thousands of other content creators broadcasting on the site at any one time.

Twitch has previously introduced tags to address this issue in 2018, which can be added to a streamer’s channel and can be used by viewers for filtering their searches to find what they’re looking for.

Twitch's browse page
The Blind Playthrough tag no longer shows on Twitch.

While the usual tags often include information such as language and type of content, one tag that was used for those playing a game for the first time was the “Blind Playthrough” tag.

The tag would indicate that the streamer had not seen any spoilers or that they do not know much about the title’s gameplay and features before playing it.

However, in a recent tweet, Twitch’s community director Erin ‘Aureylian’ Wayne highlighted that they have removed the tag from the site, following criticism around the choice of words used, with some suggesting that the language was ableist.

“Happy to see Twitch has listened to everyone who shared feedback and removed the ‘Blind Playthrough’ tag to encourage more inclusive language for our community,” she added.

While the “Blind Playthrough” tag has been removed from the database, the Twitch director urged streamers to make use of the “First Playthrough” and “No Spoilers” tags in its place.

The term “Blind Playthrough” was central to a discussion on ableist language sparked by AbleGamers COO Steven Spohn earlier in the year and now Twitch has acted in response.

While Twitch’s latest change has been met with some positive responses so far, some users have argued the need for the change, highlighting that “Blind” has two official definitions.

However, Twitch has remained firm on their stance, and streamers will simply need to use an alternative tag while streaming spoiler-free gameplay.