Kid Steals Wallet Live on Stream During Polish CS:GO LAN Event

A young man decided to take a shortcut to some extra cash by stealing a wallet during a Polish CS:GO LAN event.

Unfortunately for him and his friend, the whole thing was caught live on a camera that was recording a live-stream of the event on Twitch.

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The Twitch channel, called ‘esptvpl,’ is part of a Polish esports coverage website known as ‘E-Sport News,’ which covers CS:GO, League of Legends, Hearthstone, and more.

Their streaming cameras were perfectly set up to record the two kids that decided to take something that didn’t belong them.

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It may be difficult to see exactly when the stealing takes place, since the kids did a good job to hide it.

However, taking a close look at the boy with the gray hoodie and glasses at the :20 second mark, one can see him look around suspiciously then grab an object off of the table.

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As if on cue, the stream then switches to a different camera that has a wider view of the event’s venue. 

There, the two kids can be seen casually walking to the exit doors, after which they sprint away. 

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However, judging by the high quality of the video and the fact that it was at such a public event, the kids will likely be found and punished and the stolen items returned to the owner.