Kick streamers slam platform for allowing offensive account usernames

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Streaming platform Kick is facing backlash from its users after accounts with harmful and derogatory usernames remain on the site.

As more creators continue to make the switch to the new platform, Kick has quickly become one of Twitch’s top competitors over the last couple of months.

However, issues have slowly cropped up over time, and many are taking issue with the Kick’s moderation, where users are already pushing the limits without any consequences.

Now, streamers are putting the platform on blast as they continue to allow usernames containing harmful slurs.

Streamers criticize Kick for harmful account usernames

In an April 7 tweet, Twitch and Kick streamer LtKanada hit out at Kick, criticizing the platform for allowing users to create accounts with harmful phrases.

“Dear @KickStreaming @Trainwreckstv, you should NOT be able to put in usernames like this,” the streamer wrote on Twitter, alongside sharing a screenshot of an account using a racist slur within its username.

“I think Kick is a platform that could have potential, and I’ve enjoyed a few of my streams on there and met cool people,” LtKanada added. “But there’s definitely a lot of things that need to be tweaked. No creator should be harassed like this on any platform. Ruined my vibe and I hope for better.”

At the time of writing, Kick is yet to address the latest concerns. However, earlier in April, platform co-founder Ed Craven confirmed that “advanced moderation tools” are on the way after backlash from users for the lack of auto-moderation.

The new tools will help combat abuse in chat and stop the use of racism and inappropriate language.