Kick confirms “advanced moderation tools” coming to combat abuse in chat

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One of the co-founders of Kick has confirmed that the platform is planning to introduce automatic moderation for streamers to counter racism and inappropriate language.

Since its inception, Kick has been styling itself as Twitch’s biggest competitor and has directly drawn comparisons with the streaming site’s 50-50 revenue split and Kick’s own 95-5 split.

However, one of the biggest criticisms leveled at Kick is the lack of moderation infrastructure. It has made it clear that it wants a less restrictive Terms of Service policy than the one Twitch enforces, which would give streamers there more freedom, but this also means streamers and chatters can get away with worse things.

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When GMHikaru announced that he would start streaming on the site, he reassured viewers that he would be bringing his entire moderation system over as well, so viewers could expect the same security.

But now, Kick co-founder Eddie has confirmed that advanced moderation tools to help streamers combat abuse in chat will be coming soon.

Eddie confirms advanced moderation coming to Kick

One Kick streamer, named JeffThrow, tweeted out: “The dumbest part about Kick is the lack of automod. Something like banning slurs should be automatic.”

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Suprisingly, Kick co-founder Ed Craven replied to the message, explaining that more developed moderation options are on their way.

He said: “We’ve got advanced moderation tools just around the corner. Still early stage beta and we have a lot more work to do but we’re getting there.”

The move is the latest in Kick’s strategy to be taken more seriously as a viable competitor to Twitch, which still retains a cast-iron grip over the streaming industry.

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Recently, Kick upped the publicity by becoming the new sponsor for Alfa Romeo’s F1 team.

For more news and updates on Kick, check out our coverage of Adin Ross’s recent controversy over transphobia.

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