Kick signs Destiny under new 7-figure contract with “two big conditions”

Kick signs Destiny under new 7 figure contract with two big conditionsKick / Twitch: Destiny

The streaming wars are only continuing to heat up as fledgling Twitch rival Kick has now signed yet another popular content creator. This time Destiny is joining the platform under a non-exclusive, seven-figure contract.

Destiny, a popular streamer in the political and entertainment sphere, is the latest to take his efforts to Kick, having announced a non-exclusive 12-month partnership with the budding platform.

Not without his fair share of controversy, Destiny has recently been streaming exclusively on YouTube as the result of an indefinite suspension on Twitch. Although the exact reasoning remains unclear, Destiny was allegedly booted from the purple brand due to hateful conduct.

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Now, Destiny will be streaming across multiple platforms. Similar to both xQc and Amouranth’s recent Kick deals, his is non-exclusive — allowing him to stream on both YouTube and Kick at the same time.

“I have signed a 12-month contract with our good friends over at Kick,” Destiny revealed during his June 27 broadcast. However, he immediately touched on “two big conditions” present in his contract.

First up, his own personal website will no longer embed his stream directly. “That means [the website] will not point to my stream anymore,” he explained. And secondly, Destiny added that Kick chat “has to be on stream”.

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Moving forward, viewers discussing any given topic in focus will not be featured directly on the broadcast. Instead, fans engaging through the chat on Kick will appear. Though Destiny has said these “conditions” do come with a “saving grace” — his non-exclusive clause.

“The saving grace [is] this is not a single-stream contract. I will be able to stream the entirety of my Kick contract on YouTube. I’m always going to have a secondary stream on YouTube.”

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Popular streamer DestinyInstagram: destiny
Destiny assured fans that this new deal with Kick wouldn’t stop him from posting to YouTube.

Clarifying further details about his partnership, Destiny revealed the contract runs for 12 months. Though it appears he can opt-out or “kill” the deal at any point.

As for the dollar amount, unlike xQc’s landmark contract with the platform, an exact number wasn’t made public in this case. However, Destiny teased a ballpark figure.

“It’s not eight figures and it’s not nine figures, but I wouldn’t do a deal like this for six figures, I’ll say that much.”

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